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Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
might not have dinner with them. but you're watching them and they're watching us. when you see tape in front much their house, your heart stops. i got cold chills when i came outside. >>> i'm told that the sheriff's deputy is a tenured officer and is now on administrative leave. live in riverdale tonight. erika gonzalez news 4. >>> testimony begins on the 9/11 attack in benghazi. tonight lawmakers are asking questions about the david petraeus affair. jim rosen feld has the latest on the investigation. jim? >> a big couple of days on the hill. david petraeus will testify voluntarily on the consulate attacks coming up on friday, telling a former colleague it's "the right thing to do." as for the e-mail scannel scandal that led to his downfall -- dinner tonight for some in the media was actually on paula broadwell's brother. >> pizza on the menu in mt. pleasant tonight where general david petraeus' former mistress seen inside remains holed up tonight. they've suspended her security clearance but her brother is feeling generous. treating the media camped outside his home to dinner. also
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
using a popular phrase. >> i believe it was a spoof on driving while black, depicts officers and community in a terrible light and just unacceptable. >> officials say a county police cruiser is also seen in the video, the insignias on the vehicles and uniforms are blurred. head of the fraternal order of police, union that represents officers appeared by the chief's side. >> we're concerned about some of the content contained, inappropriate. shouldn't have taken place, shouldn't have occur. it does not however reflect the attitude or the demeanor of our members out here doing the job on a daily basis. >> charles brown chair of the police chief advisory council made up of community members. >> he doesn't waste time. a very fair person. he doesn't believe in letting anything fester. >> officers face punishment could include being fired. the video has been removed from youtube. reporting live, prince george's county headquarters, jackie benson, news 4. >>> new explosions in israel. is rail escalated air strikes after two rockets fired from gaza landed just outside the capital of
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
. the video shows two african-american officers pulling over a black driver and using derogatory language toward the driver. the police chief at the head of the officer's union both called the video inappropriate. youtube took the video down at the request of police. both officers are on administrative leave. a hearing will be held next week to determine their fate. violence rages on tonight in the middle east. after rocket attacks larged at jerusalem and tell arrive. israel attacked the headquarters at hamas' prime minister. israel carried out at least 300 air strikes a day on a variety of targets. more than 160 rockets also came flying in to israel from gaza. many are being intercepted by israel's elaborate anti-defense system. israeli officials say so far three israeli civilians have been killed with at least 50 injured. in gaza, at least 48 people have been killed since the violence started on wednesday. it was sparked by the assassination of the hamas military chief. >> i say it's probably about 10 meters from the house. i'm not sure that anyone would have provided that. >> officials
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
the evidence as it was. and the jury gave us their verdict. >> you can see simpson's family hugging and thanking the attorneys from outside of the courthouse. but for the frasier family, there is no celebration. >> dominique frasier's mother lost her own daughter. only a couple of days before her daughter's birthday. and so certainly she's grieving. >> reporter: now, it took the jury just a few hours to come up with this decision. prince george's state attorney says there are no winners in this tragic case. reporting live in upper marlborough, tracy wilkins, news4. >>> breaking news in the middle east with israel on the brink of war against palestinian militants. fighting is the heaviest it's been in four years. hamas has fired more than 200 rockets into israel, killing at least three people there. in the meantime, israel's air strikes to stop the rocket fire from gaza hit dozens of hamas-related targets, including a military chief. another hamas leader is promising revenge for that death. israel is planning to increase its operations on the ground. as that violence in the middle ea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4